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You could consider talking to your employer about the situation and whether you need any reasonable adjustments.

5 Mistakes Parents Make With Teens and Tweens

More and more employers are committing to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Take a look at our Take20 guide for helpful conversation starters.

Make sure their routines are consistent, including time for regular meals, homework, and fun. Ace Education Covers state funded education for children aged years in England only.

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Contact has a special educational needs national advice service. Helpline: , Mon-Fri Email advice contact form British Dyslexia Association Information, support and advice around dyslexia. Child Law Advice from Coram Children's Legal Centre Provides free specialist advice and information to parents, carers and young people on education law in England. Separate helplines for general advice and tribunal support as well as a call back service and online email form, see website for details Education Otherwise Information and advice on educating your child at home.

More Parents Guide To Support. Back To Top. It is a phase that will pass, and your job as parent is still vitally important, only the role may have changed slightly. Here are some tips for navigating the new terrain:.

Teens with ADHD: Challenges and Strategies for Success

Validate their feelings. It is often our tendency to try to solve problems for our kids, or downplay their disappointments. Show trust.


How parents can help teens resist dangerous internet challenges

Teens want to be taken seriously, especially by their parents. Look for ways to show that you trust your teen. Asking him for a favor shows that you rely on him. Volunteering a privilege shows that you think he can handle it.

Letting your kid know you have faith in him will boost his confidence and make him more likely to rise to the occasion. You still get to set the rules, but be ready to explain them. Give praise.

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  4. Parents tend to praise children more when they are younger, but adolescents need the self-esteem boost just as much. Also looking for opportunities to be positive and encouraging is good for the relationship, especially when it is feeling strained. Control your emotions.

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    Provide a decision-making compass. Remind teenagers to ask for help. Use mistakes as learning opportunities. Teenagers may make some wrong choices. Use these lived experiences to generate discussion about where the decision making went wrong, and how to make better choices in the future.

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    Read more: Adolescence is hard, but it's not necessarily getting harder The biology of bad decision making in teens Brain studies show the frontal lobe — which is responsible for decision-making, impulse control, sensation-seeking, emotional responses and consequential thinking — does not finish developing until our early-to-mid 20s. The regions of the human brain. Read more: Why sugar is so much worse for teenagers' brains Helping teenagers make good decisions Gradual increases in autonomy and practice with independent decision-making are vital for teenagers to become confident adults with good emotional and social well-being.