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Lulu le Roux will be performing. Kitchen will be open until 9pm. We are dreaming of an environmentally, economically and socially resilient village.

napier news april Manual

We invite you to create this Dream for Napier with us. This idea has been brewing for some time in our organisation and we know there are others with similar dreams. This is not about what others must do for us, but we can do for ourselves. We already had conversations with the ward committee and some groups in the village. It will be a long process and we are taking it step by step. On Saturday 12 May we meet in Club Emmanuel at Because the subject is so wide, we will focus this meeting on the youth, especially on the youth and sport and young mothers. If you feel passionate about our future, or if you feel you want to make a difference, please join us.

Confirm your attendance with Elaine Hodgson or lorimer mweb. Club Emmanuel is in Volhou Street, behind Kammaland Preschool the building with the colourful stripes. Restaurant Hibernation Please note that Pascal's of Napier will be closed from 14 May until the 28 May for a well deserved break. New winter menu will be availbale when they re-open on the 29th of May.

Marah Update the Marah project Specially gifts for the men folk. Anyone is most welcome to donate a filled gift box to the project. For all queries relating to breakbulk cargo, contact the General Cargo team on 06 or generalcargo napierport. Safety comes first at Napier Port.

We have rules and regulations for handling dangerous goods in our container terminal, which are outlined below.

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Dangerous goods of any class that come into the container terminal must be notified and transported in accordance with the specific regulations, restrictions and set timeframes regulated by the Environment Protection Agency NZ , Land Transport NZ and WorkSafe NZ. Email the above to: Opsdox napierport. Please email the above to: Opsdox napierport.

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Receiving and delivery. Home Customer Portal Receiving and delivery. In , Hastings was the first city in New Zealand to introduce fluoridation of its water supply. The study was criticised for its methodology and results, and remains controversial.

This was considered a significant event in New Zealand society with modern youth rebellion culture being labelled antisocial, and was subsequently much publicised with the national election later that year. Hastings grew rapidly throughout the s and s Hastings at this time was the fastest growing city in New Zealand , and there was a major issue dealing with encroachment of suburban expansion on highly productive land.

Flaxmere was established as a satellite suburb to absorb rapid growth and was built upon the stony arid soils of the abandoned course of the Ngaruroro River.

Napier News - April 2012

Although the land seemed worthless back then, it has subsequently proved highly valued for grape growing, and now is a prized region of red wine varietals in the world-famous Gimblett Gravels wine-growing region. Starting with economic decline nationally in the late s, coupled with agricultural subsidy reforms in the early s, Hastings went into recession with more unemployment and low economic growth. It was not until the mid s that the economy of Hastings began to turn around.

The County Council offices in Napier were closed in favour of Hastings and the new Hastings District Council offices were built on two sites. However, unlike largely urban Napier population density Because of their proximity to each other and their relatively small populations, Hastings and Napier are often seen as candidates for further amalgamation. The earthquake caused minor damage to shops, where stock was shaken off shelves. Power outages were also reported. This was the most powerful earthquake to hit the region since the 5.

In , the city, together with New Plymouth became one of the two walking and cycling "model communities", qualifying for further co-funding by the national government to improve its walking paths and cycleways, and encourage people to use active forms of transport. In August—September , 5, people [12] fell ill with campylobacteriosis [13] after the local water supply in Havelock North tested positive for the pathogen Campylobacter jejeuni. Two deaths occurred from campylobacteriosis, both in nursing homes.

All schools in Havelock North closed for two weeks, with the Hastings District Council advising an urgent notice to boil water for at least one minute before consumption. This notice was lifted on September the 3rd, with the outbreak officially under control. Chlorination of the Havelock North water supply started on Friday the 12th, and 9 water tankers were brought in containing water from the Hastings water supply.

One of these trucks again tested positive for E-Coli contamination, prompting the Hastings District Council to chlorinate the water supply of both Hastings and Flaxmere as a precautionary measure.

Located on New Zealand's east coast, to the east of the Central Plateau and the rain shadow of the Kaweka Ranges, Hastings is situated on the fertile alluvial Heretaunga Plains. The plains were originally covered in swamp and mangroves, but have since been drained for agriculture. It is one of the country's warmest urban areas annually.

Small-Town Sweethearts (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

Winters tend to be quite still and crisp with frequent frosts, followed by bright, sunny days. Hastings District encompasses a large area of Hawke's Bay. The population of Hastings District is 77, population density The central urban area however which is specifically the population centre of Hastings, Flaxmere, and Havelock North is around 73, Due to restrictions on encroachment of land, satellite suburbs have absorbed the residential expansion of the city. Compared to other cities of similar size, Hastings has grown relatively quick since it was settled in over years ago.

Hastings is known for its gridiron city planning system , crisscrossed by the railway line running northeast—southwest and the main southeast—northwest artery, Heretaunga Street , which also links the city with its suburban centres of Havelock North and Flaxmere. Many Hastings residents work in the city, and the area is populated by middle-to-upper income families, particularly in Havelock North and then middle-to-lower income families in other areas, namely Camberley and the north end of Flaxmere.

There were 27, occupied dwellings, 2, unoccupied dwellings, and dwellings under construction. Hastings had an unemployment rate of 6. Hastings District , as one of the largest apple, pear and stone fruit producing areas in New Zealand, has an important relationship with the Napier Port. It has also become an important grape growing and wine production area with the fruit passing from the growers around Metropolitan Hastings and then to Napier for exporting.

Napier is an important service centre for the agriculture and pastoral output of the predominantly rural Hastings District.

Hawke’s Bay April 2012 Newsletter

Shopping is heavily weighted by large format retail in Hastings City, whereas in contrast, Havelock North, Taradale and central Napier retail areas have a more vibrant boutique flavour. By the end of the twentieth century Hastings, along with most of New Zealand was suffering from the recent economic downturn with industries and freezing works closing due to the agricultural subsidy reforms in the early s.

However, after multimillion-dollar regeneration projects and the employment of artists, Hastings has seen a change in its aesthetics.