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Most Evil Warrior Cats

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Warrior's Pride , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 10, Tricia Hungerford rated it it was amazing. I loved these 3 books.

It was definitely a change of style of the many western fiction books I've read in the past. David rated it it was amazing Sep 23, Angie rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Lenora Amunrud rated it it was amazing Oct 31, Amelia rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Michael Mcnulty rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Brenda marked it as to-read Feb 16, BookishBelle added it Mar 02, Kathy marked it as to-read Aug 03, Chandra Fry marked it as to-read Mar 06, Debbie Allen marked it as to-read Mar 07, Oduor Cosmas marked it as to-read Jun 30, Phyllis H. Pajka is currently reading it Jul 16, Dianne McMahan marked it as to-read Aug 20, Rebecca Graf marked it as to-read Oct 24, Maggie added it Aug 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Alice Miller. Alice Miller. He isn't evil. His mother treated him like a spoiled kit, his father didn't really pay attention to him, he was used for Crowfeather to show loyalty to his clan, and he just had a tough life all together. He just needs some love. He is an abused little tom. A little bit sad but still evil. Dude, Clear Sky was the first evil cat in the clans! Hollyleaf is a GOOD cat!

The worst things he did was kill Ashfur, who planned to kill 3 cats. She realized what she had done and tried to fix them up.

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In the Great Battle, she sacrificed herself in order to save another cat: Ivypool. Not many cats would be willing to do that. Hollyleaf thoroughly deserved to go to StarClan through and through. So exactly why is she evil? Hollyleaf is really nice! I mean some people think that she killed ashfur but she really just shoved him and he fell on a rock she's not evil she gave up her life to save Ivypool that proves it. Like this if you agree - Hawkfrost. I agree I mean I don't even know who he is so how could he be evil if barely anyone knows him. Owlpaw shouldn't be in here!

He is just a 'paw! I have read all the books and little owlpaw did nothing. Boulder is not evil, just worked for an evil cat. Boulder came to the forest because Tigerstar persuaded him to To get more warriors to fight, not to help him.

Most Evil Warrior Cats

To be honest Spottedleaf isn't evil, but she's still an annoying cat in my opinion. Especially with the fact that the only words she and Firepaw ever said to each other were Go back to camp, both of you! Ravenpaw needs time to heal. And some other words.

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Then they're like, suddenly in love. That right there isn't evil, just annoying - HollyleafOfThunderClan. She was a great medicine, and a nice fat in general. She stalks Firestar and all of his descendants, and I think we all can assume her murderous feelings for Sandstorm. Who's with me? You want to know someone evil talk to the dogs that ripped off her ear and slashed out her eye! Why is she on here she lost the sight in one eye! She has coped ever since and has a mate! Not evil. Just a big pain or utterly known as Hawkheart should go to the Dark Forest!

Medicine Cat's should not kill! He was defending his herb storage. Every cat knew that Hawkheart was a warrior-turned-medicine cat, so she shouldn't have even risked going into that den to destroy the herbs, knowing Hawkheart was a formerly feared warrior of WindClan. Besides, he's a nice cat. He was really nice to Yellowfang when she became a warrior-turned-medicine cat. He went to Starclan anyways, he did no wrong. Hawkheart is so evil. Even if the medicine code doesn't say about killing, he should know that this was a future leaders mother.

snoboarder.com/1227-phone-honor.php He made Jayfeather let Flametail die. And he was one of my favorite medicine cat! Don't disrespect the stick!

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Rock is linked to the stick and you can't disrespect jay-jays precious Stick or he will claw your eyes out! Rock is the Yoda of warrior cats. He had a connection with Jayfeather. He is wise. I like him!

Xhorhas - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 51

He is not evil. Why is he even on this list? Woah chill bro. Some of these must have been chosen out of a random cat generator. Rock is not evil. Erm sorry to burst everyone's bubble but. He is not killing cats for "fun" he is hunting them to survive! He eats them so he doesn't die! Honestly some people these days have never watched The Lion King Sharptooth was that crazy mountain lion that killed Tribe Cats for fun. He is in the cat family, so he earned his place here.

Isn't that the random mountian lion that just like came into the series randomly like what? Definitely evil. He is not evil he was a great deputy didn't kill anyone or want to harm anyone!

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