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The word dominion includes more than just authority. Dominion means having authority to rule and to form a kingdom. Dominion means having a kingdom as a sphere in which to exercise authority. If I have authority, but no sphere over which to rule, I have no dominion. Keep the words image and dominion in mind and underline them in your Bible.

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Very few Christians pay attention to the word dominion when they read Genesis 1. We need to consider the words image and dominion a little more. An image is an expression. God created man in His image with the intention that man might express Him. The invisible God desires to be expressed.

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He needs an expression. Dominion means kingdom, authority. The young people especially need to lay hold of these two words with these two basic revelations: image and dominion. Man must have dominion over the seas. The seas are the lodging place of the demons Matt. Man must have dominion over all things in the air, which is the place where Satan and his angels are Eph. There are evil powers in the air with Satan as their head. Ephesians describes Satan as the prince of the power of the air. Satan is very active on the earth Luke When the Lord Jesus was on this earth, He had to deal with Satan, fallen angels, or demons wherever He went.

That was why the Lord Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves during a storm. The wind came from the fallen angels in the air and the waves came from the demons in the water. The fallen angels and the demons were subdued and overruled by the Lord Jesus. In the Bible, the creeping things are demonic, devilish, and Satanic. When God created man, He had both of these purposes. Therefore, He created man in His own image that man might express Him and He gave him dominion that man might deal with His enemy.

Both of these things must be accomplished. We need the image of God in order to express God and we need the dominion of God in order to subdue the enemy.

So it is for much of my generation. From the great to the small, we confront the decisions of life with a position of weakness, believing that no decision should be made unless. Chanski, a Reformed Baptist pastor from Holland, Michigan, has penned this text to encourage the wimpy-hearted to think, pray, and act like men.

Chanski understands that men will only act out manly dominion through the power of God himself. With that power before them, men are to act. Manly Dominion will be of great help to pastors in their efforts to encourage strong male leadership in local churches, especially in the following areas.

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Men have been indoctrinated to believe that work is bad. We have been trained by commercials, music, movies, and television shows to be lazy and passive. Chanski cuts the cultural attitude no quarter.

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Chanski gives us the big picture behind all of life here, articulating that God has given us gifts to accomplish meaningful work for him while we are here. This is a helpful point for the pastor trying to figure out how to counter secular gender theory with its emphasis on passive masculinity.

Chanski is equally helpful on the subject of decision-making, a matter that many men struggle with, as the introduction noted. Many of us are good at analyzing. Fewer of us are good at deciding. We can trace this failure rate to laziness, a fear of mistakes, and improper notions of guidance. Chanski tackles this collective attitude in his chapter on providence when he writes,. In decision-making we must not adopt an unscriptural, mystical model that results in our passively permitting ourselves to be pushed around by our environment—like a four-ball.

Instead, in circumstances where we are biblically allowed and authorized to press forward, let us humbly, prayerfully, and aggressively seek to do the pushing around The breakthroughs we have seen in technology are just a small taste of our incredible creative abilities. Psalm say that humans were made a little lower than God, and Jesus quoted the psalms John and said ye were gods!

This meant that the Most High God sent vice regent humans to govern the world for Him.

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God made human kind in His Image which means we should have children and multiply after our own kind. God gave us a co-creator role in which we are called to work with Him and create other image bearers of God. Multiplication does not start until you hit four children and anything less is addition, not multiplication! Hence, biblically, we should not separate our call to have children both biological and spiritual from our destiny.

Not every one can have biological children, but every person is called to have spiritual children. God called us to multiply, which means we should plan for more than one generation. God told Adam and Eve to multiply before they had even one child, which implies that God has called us to think generationally. God called us to replenish the earth, which implies equipping our children to lead all areas of culture.

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The word replenish in this context not only refers to having a lot of physical babies but also training them to be leaders who will fill every realm of life in the created order. Our children are not just called to be pastors and preachers but architects, lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians, economists, scientists, artists, composers etc.

God called us to subdue the earth, which means we should plan to win the ideological battles. The word subdue implies taking the weapons of warfare away from our enemies. This not only means winning physical victories but primarily ideological victories. Jesus said that only the truth could set a person free John Paul said that our battle is not against flesh and blood Read Ephesians , and 2 Corinthians teaches us that believers are called to cast down and subdue all systems of thought with the knowledge of God.

Dominion means influence; hence, how can we have influence without leading others? Believers should become the greatest servant leaders in the world today! Our call to have dominion over the earth also implies organizational ability and management capacity.

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How can we have dominion on the earth if the gospel of the Kingdom of God stays out of the public square? The gospel of Christ is meant to connect all ethnic cultures back to the original intent of their Creator. The original covenant of creation implies that the gospel will eventually influence many nations of the world. Consequently, there will be a compelling Kingdom witness in the earth before Jesus physically returns to earth.

Dominion means that believers should become the greatest problem solvers the world has every seen.

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Believers that are so spiritual that they are not any earthly good is not a biblical concept but mystical. Dominion implies that many in the Body of Christ will be household names and that it will be normal for believers to be the most well known people in their fields of expertize Athletics, science, technology, film, law, politics, business.

Dominion implies the church should establish the cultural norms not visa versa.