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According to LaRouche, all of the worst United States Presidents of the 20th and 21st centuries have been pawns of London — and not the other way around, as the insidious British-controlled media tell you. When Larouche examined the candidates in the election , he concluded that Barack Obama was a tool of London, so he threw his considerable political clout ahem behind Hillary Clinton.

But of course the ruling cabal won , and the reins of power from London were merely transferred from Bush to Obama. The Democrats, however, soundly reject LaRouche and kick his followers out on a regular basis. The son of orthodox Quakers who themselves had a yen for tin hattery, [5] LaRouche then-known as "Lyn Marcus" came to Columbia University as a disaffected former member of the Spartacist League.

He began teaching courses on Marxism at a "free university" set up in New York for student radicals. When the Columbia University student strike broke out, led by the left-wing Students for a Democratic Society SDS , he formed a "Labor Committee" to mobilize student support for a sanitation workers' strike that was taking place at the same time. SDS at that time had several factions, one of which was controlled by the Maoist Progressive Labor Party PL , another of which was also Maoist but opposed to PL this faction later spawned the Weather Underground , the older social democratic wing of SDS who weren't happy with all the Maoist sects, an anarchist faction, a faction of white students who wanted to work with the Black Panther Party , etc.

LaRouche assembled most of his early following from his students at the free university, and when SDS fractured at their convention, LaRouche went his own way with his National Caucus of Labor Committees gaining a reputation as an especially hard-line leftist sect. The chaotic demise of the Cultural Revolution in China around proved to be a windfall for the Labor Committees, with disaffected former PLers already conditioned to hard line cult politics and familiar with LaRouche from SDS days seeing him as a suitable stand-in for Mao, who had left them disillusioned.

The Labor Committees became known mainly for calling for "strike support" in a form that striking workers really didn't want , and showing up at antiwar functions to pontificate and denounce the movement for ideological impurity. The transformation appears to have happened around In he ordered his followers to physically attack meetings of the U.

Communist Party, claiming this would establish the " hegemony " of LaRouche's group over the U. In he made his first run for president on the U. Labor Party ticket, best remembered for posters claiming a vote for Jimmy Carter would cause global thermonuclear war.

His abandonment of Marxism came a little later around This may have happened because in , the extremist right-wing group Liberty Lobby took notice of some of LaRouche's campaign material and its conspiratorial overtones [5] LaRouche, like Liberty Lobby, was an early critic of the Trilateral Commission [48] , and began promoting LaRouche publications to their audience, while criticizing it for not identifying what Liberty Lobby thought the " real source " of the "conspiracy" was.

In he made the first of several runs for president in the Democratic primaries. LaRouche attempted to build a grand coalition that would "piggy-back" his words [8] him to the White House and make ties with the far-left and far-right. For example, he condemned counter-culture as a conspiracy to enact the drug trade and staunchly criticized the environmentalist movement, to the point of blaming them for the Iranian Revolution. At the same time, LaRouche also attempted to build ties with civil rights and labor union leaders the Teamsters especially [51] , claimed he alone could bring Arab - Israeli peace, as well as hammering Carter on enacting trucking deregulation.

This seems to have failed to materialize, as LaRouche won a massive 0. Still, try, try again they say, so LaRouche ran six more times, either barely improving or winning fewer votes. He later tried to establish ties with the New Right in the early years of Reagan, especially regarding his pet issues: nuclear power, homofascism , [52] the War on Drugs , and opposition to the environmental movement.

LaRouche was an early proponent of laser and space-based weapons "which we absolutely need" to destroy the Oligopoly, says LL's wife [8] , and is credited by many with successfully lobbying Ronald Reagan into funding the Strategic Defense Initiative , or "Star Wars" program. Starting around the time of his run for the presidency, the LaRouche organization built a private intelligence gathering network which rivaled that of many governments and major media.

According to one critic, [8] the LaRouche organization used this intelligence network in an opportunistic way to try to establish ties and information exchanges with anyone and everyone, and would often pass information between agencies and groups hostile to each other, either as a deliberate go-between or in an opportunistic way. Some of these people eventually figured out LaRouche was a loose cannon only interested in promoting himself, but only after a bunch of stuff was leaked that shouldn't have been.

Give credit where credit is due , though: LaRouche's EIR magazine broke the Iran-Contra affair several months before anyone in the media picked up on it. Originally based in New York City , the entire LaRouche operation pulled up stakes in and relocated to Virginia in the Leesburg area near the West Virginia state line.

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  2. I Love Chocolate (Portuguese Edition)!
  3. La sfida (Italian Edition)!
  4. Forecast Verification: A Practitioners Guide in Atmospheric Science.
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The locals were not amused. It was during this time that the LaRouche organization had its biggest successes in running candidates in Democratic primaries. Although their only major victories were the two primary wins in Illinois, his supporters also won a number of minor seats, mostly local Democratic precinct captains and party chairmanships, the most significant of which was in Houston, Texas.

The hundreds of "LaRouche Democrats" running in primaries, as the media dubbed them, sent the Democratic Party into a panic and there was a brief media hysteria circa over the possibility that LaRouche's movement was gaining traction with voters.

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This ended with the criminal convictions of LaRouche and several top aides. His Leesburg office was raided by the FBI in October , and he was convicted in on mail fraud and tax evasion charges. During the early s he attempted to establish ties with the " Wise use " movement, which is a catch-all term for a wide variety of groups, some of them grassroots organizations on a shoestring budget in timber, ranching, and mining communities who saw their jobs and culture under attack from hard greens ; others, corporate -funded astroturf groups engaging in environmental denialism and greenwashing.

The LaRouche organization wasn't the only fringe group trying to establish hegemony over this movement, another was the Unification Church.

LaRouchies would typically show up at their meetings peddling bizarre conspiracy theories about a British cabal conspiring to de-industralize the planet through environmentalism and their rock-sex-drug counterculture to bring about, again, a "new dark age. On other matters, LaRouche's conviction had effectively cut off his ties with the Reaganite right, and his group's breaking of the Iran-Contra affair pointed to a different direction and an eventual swing back to the left. Bush 's various misdeeds albeit with typical LaRouchian distortions and conspiracy theories woven in.

LaRouche opposed the Gulf War and his followers joined anti-war protests. At some point in the late s he began to distance himself from the U. He began offering staunch support of Bill Clinton , which had gradually begun almost immediately after the inaguration. LaRouche strongly denounced the Clinton impeachment attempt, and attacked right-wing Republicans like Newt Gingrich and called for impeachment of the Republican then-governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge in His brand of "leftism" in his final years , however, was still full of the same conspiratorial talk from his far-right period.

He endorsed John Kerry in , [37] the first time he ever endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate other than himself, and shared many of the criticisms of Dick Cheney and the Bush administration with the left. But he also considered George Soros public enemy 1 [68] apparently replacing his old nemesis Henry Kissinger and took a conspiracy-laden view of Barack Obama's administration — possibly putting him in the PUMA category, although we're sure the PUMAs don't particularly want anything to do with him either.

Lyndon LaRouche

LaRouche attacked Obama's health care proposals from the left — LaRouche wants single-payer and only single-payer — and his followers have been showing up at health care debates with signs showing Obama with a Hitler moustache. Still very much a cult, he in recent years tried organizing younger "Millennial Generation" people into his movement through the LaRouche Youth Movement, and took to denouncing "Baby Boomers" and suggesting they commit suicide , [71] which may have influenced one of his longtime followers to do just that.

Longtime LaRouche watchers and ex-followers have noted his organization has essentially split: the older followers based in Leesburg are now on their own, while LaRouche and his LaRouche Youth Movement relocated to nearby Purcellville. The speculation here is LaRouche knew he was not going to live much longer, and had given up on his older followers whom he recruited in the ss, and thought that he could ensure the longevity of his ideas by cutting the older baby boomers loose [9] and putting his stock entirely in building the LaRouche Youth Movement. His older followers, who have been loyal to him all this time, are needless to say confused and betrayed, and the state of the LaRouche movement is not good at this point.

He ran for president in every election from through , and for U. Congress in Virginia in In and the Democratic Party refused to seat his delegates won in the Virginia and North Dakota primaries in and the Arkansas primary in The LaRouche organization has a long history of falsely exaggerating LaRouche's electoral results and claiming he outright "won" some states. His best showing in a general presidential election was 0. It's been stated that Abraham Simpson once voted for LaRouche.

The magazine mainly serves as an outlet for LaRouche's crank views on science , which tend toward denialism of global warming , space-based weaponry , and a lot of quirky and odd science woo. It replaced an earlier magazine called Fusion , [79] which was the publication of the Fusion Energy Foundation, a LaRouche front group which had some success in wooing mainstream nuclear scientists into alliances with him.

On the positive side, LaRouche was a big fan of building high-speed rail transport and big infrastructure projects. LaRouche appears to have been fascinated with the work of 19 th century German scientist and mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss , who is frequently referenced in this magazine. He also seems to be fascinated with the pseudomathematical concepts of " squaring the circle " [81] and "doubling the cube" [82]. Originally a print magazine, since it has been web-only.

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Aliens, bio-duplication, nude conspiracies Oh my God! Lyndon LaRouche was right! Labor Party as my own efforts, my principal accomplishment is that of being, by a large margin of advantage, the leading economist of the twentieth century to date. That distinction can be most easily defended, since it is not quantitative, but qualitative.


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Wells and the evil Bertrand Russell. You silly chickens! This is a hawk. See now how he moves.

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It is highly unlikely that we will ever get a satisfactory answer to that question. LaRouche's version most closely resembles War! Cincinnatus writes about the inbreeding in the British aristocracy, their congenital brain damage, etc.